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Our Technology - Slurry Deposition Modeling

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Slurry Deposition Modeling (S.D.M.)

Our innovative and patented process allows continuous 3D printing of a ceramic paste obtained by mixing in the extrusion head (just before extrusion) a slurry mixed with one or more additives in their initial liquid state.  The many advantages of this new technology are :

  • Infinite printing of a ceramic composite. This non stop printing is made possible by continuously adding slurry and adjuvant in the storage tanks during the actual printing process.
  • Possibility of choosing the degree of consistency of the paste to be printed, according to desired slurry / adjuvant ratio. This ratio can be easily changed while printing the desired part.
  • Total control in the firmness evolution process of the extruded paste, according to the adjuvant / slurry ratio used.
  • Possibility of working with several types of slurries and additives depending on the techical properties desired for the final piece.
  • No air bubbles during printing, thus practically eliminating manufacturing defects.