Bandeau 3D Minerals - Impression 3D Ceramique SDM

3D Printers

Small 3D Printer 3D Minerals
Cartesian 3D printer

This printer is ideal for making small prototype models. Its relatively compact size is suitable for laboratory use. It can also be easily transported for making in site demonstrations.

Imprimante 3D Minerals plateau rotatif
3D printer with turntable

This machine is perfect for the production of cylindrical parts. Different texturized surface finishes are also possible thanks to its rotating plate. This printer can be built in different sizes to produce items of a specific dimension.

Robotic Arm

Essential for creating a diverse amount of parts on the same workstation. Our advanced technology allows the production of relatively complex items, thanks to the rotation axes in the extrusion head, respecting the design specifications.


At 3D Minerals all our machines are custom-made to the user specifications. The delivery time is approximately 3 months upon customer’s validation.


Note : All the machines from our catalog can be equiped with the different extrusion heads, allowing printing with nozzles ranging 1mm to 20mm. We can customize larger printing nozzles, according to our client’s specifications.