Bandeau 3D Minerals - Impression 3D Ceramique SDM


3D Minerals’ laboratory – S.D.M ceramic 3D printing

With significant expertise in the field of mineral raw materials our services include :

  • The developement of ceramic printing composites with S.D.M. technology, depending on the desired final properties. These specific slurries are made according to our customer’s specifications.
  • The conception of additives, allowing 3D printing of a commercial or specific slurry. These additives are developed in our in-house laboratory to meet customer specifications.

Our laboratory facilities are equiped with both R&D equipment (laboratory mixers, dessicators, PH meters, precision scales, 300 L delayer, electric kilns) as well as industrialized machinery (300L stirring tank, mills, a 10m3 industrial kiln) allowing us the perfect environement for the execution of all our research and developement, and our pilot production work.