Bandeau 3D Minerals - Impression 3D Ceramique SDM


3D Minerals’ FabLab-S.D.M. ceramic 3D printing

We propose to carry out studies for technological validation in our FabLab, utilizing our S.D.M. 3D prototype printing machines. 3D Minerals propose the implementation of the following services, (respecting the customer’s chart of confidentiality) :

  • Printing with a desired slurry  (imposed by the customer and developed by 3D Minerals, according to the desired specifications) using a custom developed adjuvant.
  • 3D printing respecting our customers specifications.
  • The modification and technical validation of the elements on the S.D.M. ceramic standard printers (extrusion head, raw material feed pumps, machine casing, etc)
  • The study and validation, when adding specific modules on a S.D.M. 3D Minerals Standard ceramic printer, like :
  • Smoothing system, finishing system, automatic machining system (during or after printing).
  • Double extrusion head.
  • Addition of a weighing scale under the 3D printer support, to follow the evolution of the weight of the part, during and after the creation process.
  • Contact us for other possible modules. (au lieu de ETC…)