3D Minerals - Ceramic 3D Printing (S.D.M.)



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Created in February 2019, 3D Minerals designs and develops ceramic 3D printers, equiped with an innovative extrusion technology,  wich uses a liquid slurry and an additive specially developed to produce the desired product.

3D Minerals invented and patented a new ceramic technology named S.D.M. (Slury Deposition Modeling). This new technology allows non stop 3D printing of large sized items, using a quick and simple implementation of the ceramic paste extruder.


Equipe 3D MineralsThe three founding partners of 3D Minerals Claude SCHNEIDER, Quentin JOLY and Cédric JACQUEMENT graduated from the reputed National School of Industrial Ceramics of Limoges. This multigenerational team shares a significant knowledge in fields like :
  • Business creation and management
  • Extraction and characterization of ceramic raw materials
  • Formulation and characterization of slurry and ceramic pastes
  • Design and production of prototypes
  • Piloting of 3D printers with ceramic and plastic composites
  • Writing and generating G-Code files

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