3D Minerals - Ceramic 3D printing

Manufacturer of innovative ceramic printers

Motion Design realized in April 2022 within the framework of the SIRENA'mic project of the European Cluster of Ceramics supported by the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine#SIRENAmic #NouvelleAquitaine #international


3D Minerals is a company created in February 2019 by three founding partners : Claude SCHNEIDER, Quentin JOLY and Cédric JACQUEMENT

3D Minerals designs and develops CERAMIC 3D PRINTERS with an innovative and patented extrusion technology: Slurry Deposition Modeling. This innovation allows the 3D printing of large parts without stopping the printing process. Moreover, with this process we have a simple and fast preparation of the extruded ceramic paste.


Equipe 3D Minerals            Equipe 2 3D Minerals


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