3D Minerals Laboratory - SDM Ceramic 3D Printing

Our laboratory 

With a strong expertise in the field of raw mineral materials, 3D Minerals offers :

  • The development and the finalization of ceramic compositions printable with the S.D.M. technology. These specific slurries are tailor-made (from the desired raw materials) to reach the customers' specifications.
  • The development and fine-tuning of additives, enabling the 3D printing of the desired slip. These additives are developed in our laboratory according to the customers' needs.

For this purpose, 3D Minerals owns adapted equipments both in R&D (a laboratory mixer, a desiccator, a pH meter, precision scales, a 300 L delayor, an electric oven) and in pilote scale (a 300 L stirred tank, a grinder, ovens, a 10m3 gas oven...) to reach the realization of its research, development and pilot production works.

FabLab 3D Minerals - SDM Ceramic 3D Printing

Feasability studies,"FabLab"

For technological validation, 3D Minerals offers feasibility studies in its "FabLab" on these various S.D.M. prototype 3D printing machines. Thus, 3D Minerals can offer (in compliance with the customer NDA):

  • The printing of a desired slurry (imposed by the customer and/or developed by 3D Minerals according to a       specification) with a custom developed additive.
  • 3D printing of ceramic parts according to the specifications.
  • Modification and technical validation of components on standard 3D Minerals S.D.M. ceramic printers (an extrusion head, raw material feed pumps, a machine casing, etc.)
  • Study and validation of specific modules to be added to a standard S.D.M. 3D Minerals ceramic printer:

        - Automatic smoothing/finishing/machining system (during or after the printing)
        - Double extrusion head
        - Addition of a weighing scale to follow the evolution of the part's weight during and after the manufacturing